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Counselling And Psychotherapy

It’s not unusual to have feelings that weigh us down or make us unhappy and reach a stage of great distress and sometimes hopelessness. Whether you feel you are in crisis or just want to get to grips with thoughts and feelings that may be disturbing you, I can help.

You might feel anxiety, depression, anger or shame.  You might be having relationship problems or going through big changes in your life, like the loss of a loved one or a job that is having a big impact on you and you need help to cope with. Or there may be something inside you that you have lived with for some time and that gets in the way and prevents you from leading a fuller and happier life; talking therapy can help. Through talking therapy, I can help you to understand and work through your feelings. This is a collaborative work based on the therapeutic relationship we develop.  I’m not promising you instant happiness but if you are willing to talk about your problems, try and work out where they came from, then I can help you.

I will help by encouraging and supporting you to face whatever it is that is making you feel low or restricting you. Together we will explore your personal feelings and experiences to give you some clarity, and identify and change the thought and behaviour patterns that are keeping you from being your best. It may be painful and upsetting to talk about certain things but you will be able to express your feelings safe in the knowledge that everything you say will be treated sensitively and confidentially.  My ultimate aim is to help you find ways that set you free from the burden of heavy feelings and thoughts.

I also believe that therapy can help with personal growth and to clarify our minds to make us more able to cope with challenges and stresses of everyday life. In today’s world, this ‘emotional fitness’, the state of being ready and prepared for what life will throw at us, is as crucial as physical fitness.

Working with me, you will take time to focus on yourself, to understand why you feel the way you do, what is working and what is not working in your life or your relationships and how to change it.